Saturday, July 24, 2010

Typical Lesotho Pictures

Here are some ladies that were selling their goods (fruits and snacks) to people in kombies (small minivans used to transport people since they don't have their own cars). They are wearing a Lesotho blanket around their waists over they pants because of the cold. The ladies have the ability to carry heavy loads on their heads. They have amazing balance!

This is a horse rider moving at a fast clip down the road. Notice he is wearing a blanket for warmth. Over half of the people in Lesotho wear blankets instead of coats.

The young child below is filling a bucket of water from the well that the village uses for water. This is a twisting pump.

The young men on the right were taking a rest returning from the fields at the end of the day. Wheelbarrows are used extensively to carry anything that is needed from water to fruit and food from the stores where they buy or harvest their food.

This man on the donkey is going through the center of town (Leribe). They use them for transportation, carrying food home from the store and for fun.

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