Sunday, July 25, 2010

Senior Couples and Border Crossing

Left is a building in Maseru the shape is taken from the mountains around the area.
Below is the Leribe class room that is used for church. Sister Wittver is with us and the two young men are members.

(Left)We are in front of the building where Masionakeng Branch meets for church. The Hooks are on both ends. They young man in the middle is Solamon who is getting ready for mission.

The two greeting: Sawubona from South Africa and Lumela from Lesotho mean hello.

Typical sight as we cross the border from Free State, South Africa to Maseru, Lesotho. Below we are with Sister Wittver, the Chamberlains and the Hooks. These couples are from Johannesburg who came to our area to help with Perpetual Education Fund and Solar Ovens.

Randy and Elder Chamberlain are getting ready to demonstate the making of a Solar Oven. They are in front of our boarding (the apartment where we live).

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