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July 2010

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We had three other senior missionary couples come to Lesotho to conduct Perpetual Education Fund overview with the people there in Lesotho and one couple had specialized in building solar ovens. He had developed a process to make them out of cardboard and line it with foil and put a clear vinyl sheet over it to keep the heat in. He demonstrated the process and the group made a solar oven on Saturday and he cooked a cake and some potatoes for them to eat. This is especially helpful for the people here because electricity is so expensive and many can't afford it so being able to cook many meals without using electricity or gathering wood (there isn't much wood in Lesotho as you can see in the background of most pictures.

Later we took them to out into Lesotho and showed them a small section of the country and took the following pictures at a shop where they were selling the hats that they wove so we tried them on and took a picture...just so you would remember what we still look like.
This picture is of Barbara with one of the typical hats that are woven as well. You can see the thatched roof of the area that we were visiting. Isn't she cute?

On July 17, Lesotho celebrated the birthday of the King. Each year it is celebrated in a different area of the country and this year it was celebrated in Thaba-Tseka. This is a small town that is about 4 hours away from Maseru where the King lives. We drove our pickup (bokkie - in South African terminology) and took 2 other people with us. We went in a group of 8 from the Church and we were invited to this event and the lunch following. Barbara was sitting on the front row outside of the tent and took the pictures of the King & Queen. (They have been invited to attend General Conference in October but we aren't sure whether they will be available to attend).

Here is a picture of the King and Queen as they entered the area and walked down a red carpet as well as a picture of them leaving the area following the celebration.

There are two flags showing in this picture. One is the flag of the country and the other is the flag for the King.

Here are two people dressed in traditional Sotho attire (out of animal skins and we took a picture of Barbara along with Joseph Moekena (from Johannesburg)

This picture is of the security contingent that road on horseback in front of and behind the vehicle carrying the King and Queen into the celebration area. The young children standing in front of them are just some children from the area with a special band of beads on their heads.
This is the entire group from the Church that attended the celebration standing in fron of the two vehicles that we drove. We went on some very rugged terrain and along the ridgeline of the mountains in Lesotho. About 40 kilometers was on dirt/rock roads but it was very beautiful. The people are from left to right: Joyce, Joseph Mokoena, Mpolai Caribo, President Monesa (Maseru), President and Sister Hlalele (Masianokeng), and Barb and I

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