Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baptisms in the Dundee "Twig"

We had the wonderful opportunity of working with starting a new branch of the Church in Dundee. The attendance would run between 30 to 55 people with only a small portion of them being members. Elder Zeeman and Elder Parry have done a great job in finding and teaching people but they have been led to such wonderful people that it is amazing to be part of that in some small way. When the first group of investigators were baptized we rented a conference center for a few hours so we could perform the baptisms in the swimming pool. This is the place that was rented and the people were just beginning to come.

Following the baptisms, you could tell that Elder Zeeman was very happy and so was one of the young men that was baptized.
Elder Holmes conducted the meeting and we had anticipated that only 35 would be in attendance but we found that over 60 people came that evening to be part of this historic event.

Here are all of the people that were baptized that evening. A large part of them are from the same family. It is amazing how many of the investigators have come from referrals from this family. There are another 12 people that are scheduled to be baptized in October in addition to the nine that were baptized that evening. We couldn't be more excited for them and all that they have learned.

September 20, 2009

Barbara made a lasting friend after feeding the giraff and it decided to follow her to see if he could get some more food. Barbara really enjoyed making friends. Now she would like a giraff for a pet. It shouldn't be hard to see where the giraff is but I doubt that he would like the snow in the winter.
This was fun watching Barbara feeding the giraff and having the giraff lick her hands. The platform is up in the air so it was a lot of fun to be up close to the giraff.

Following the sealing we took the couple to the Lion Park and saw a number of animals. We enjoyed being able to pet the lions.

We took a couple to the temple to be sealed. It was a wonderful experience for them and for us. This is Sibusiso and Nosipo after they were sealed in the Johannesburg Temple. They are a great couple. Sibusiso has returned from a mission in Kenya.