Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We’re having more magnificent happenings here in South Africa. I could fill volumes of wonderful experiences and miracles that are happening faster than we can report. We sit down at night and marvel at all that has transpired. We have never felt so loved or loved so many people at one time. We assist four branches, the YSA group, teach a marriage class, work with our newly organized Newcastle District, assist the YW’s programs, assist in Primary, and assist the young Elder Missionaries which includes a nice Sunday night meal each week. We have been working with some less active return missionaries and they are returning to be a great help to their branches. We also offer a bed and breakfast for other senior couples, Pres. Mann and area authorities when they come to Newcastle

I will share with you the events of Friday Feb. 12th. We awoke at 2:30 AM to the sound of knocking on our bedroom window. The District Leader had come to inform us that Elder Jensen was in the hospital in great pain. It was thought that he had appendicitis. We rushed to the hospital to be with him. After several calls President Mann called back and said if they could not do the surgery by arthroscopic means bring him to Durban because the healing time is so much faster and the surgery is less invasive. We sat next to his bed waiting for the Surgeon to arrive and were told that the procedure could not be done in the public hospital so we moved him to private hospital. He was only in Public Hospital because they did not have a bed available at Private Hospital. When another surgeon came and looked at his stats he questioned the diagnosis, ran a scan and declared that it was kidney stones. Thanks to Pres. Mann’s concern and inspiration Elder Jensen was saved from an un-necessary surgery. He had a procedure to remove the stones and was out working the next day.

While we were waiting for the procedure, a man of Indian descent approached us and said Dad/Randy looked like a minister and asks if he could ask some questions. He said he had been searching for more spirituality in his life. His church was of no help to him. He was watching every evangelical program on TV and not finding an answer there. He had been fasting for three days hoping to find some answers. Needless to say we assured him that we could offer him what he was searching for. We sent the Elders to him the following day and they had a very productive visit with him and his family. We thank Elder Jensen for getting us to the hospital.

Last night Wed. Feb. 17th one of our dear sisters that is a new convert informed us she has HIV. She was in the hospital for a week because she was suddenly so weak. She was in tears because her doctor doesn’t give her much hope. She will receive a blessing this morning. We will see a miracle of recovery or of accepting the wonders of graduating to the next phase of this eternal journey. Her friend that introduced her to the gospel was wonderful last night. She told her she needed to be strong and have faith. It is amazing how quickly and thoroughly these wonderful people understand the gospel plan. Needless to say our hearts are heavy but our mission goal is to see the Lords hand in all things even those hard to bear. We know God has a wonderful plan for her and miracles will accompany those close to her.

Monday and Tuesday we were privileged to be in the presence of Elder Watson of the Area Presidency. He was here for mission tour. He served as Assistant to the First Presidency starting with Joseph Fielding Smith and was called to the quorum of the Seventies by President Monson. What a wonderful experience to be up close and personal with such dedicated leaders.

We love our mission and this chance to serve here in South Africa. We love and miss all of you and know that as members of the church you are also having wonderful rich blessings as you serve in your wards and stakes. How blessed we are to have the gospel in its fullness in our lives. There is so much more we could relate but time is an issue and this should give you just a sampling of our daily experiences.

Love to All.

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