Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yesterday, Sunday Feb. 21, 2010 we visited a member in public hospital. She was in an open ward with twelve to fourteen beds lining the walls with just a curtain that could be pulled around for privacy. The ward is open to the walk way. As you walked down the center hall there were several wings on both sides exacltly like hers. It was not very comforting to think that this is what could happen in America. The floors were cracked and uneven. It felt more like visiting a run down prison than a hospital.

Other than that things are wonderful here. We had District Conference and had 479 in attendance. We are to the point now that we recognize or know most of the members in our five branches and two twigs. When we got out of our car about 12 children from Dundee just ran over and gave us hugs. It doesn't get much better than that. We have not been to Dundee in over two months so were were way surprised that these young members would remember us.

We realize that everyone is having great spiritual experiences doing the Lords work. Ours just happen tro be in South Africa.

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