Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another great week in South Africa

We had a great week. Saturday the first district auxillary meeting was held. Primary, YW, Relief Society District Presidents that were newly called along with seven district councilmen were all set apart for their new callings and then trained. It was a remarkable and historic day since this is the first time in the Newcastle District in South Africa that anyone has held these positions. We have only had a district presidency up until now. The spirit was strong we all shared in the excitement of what this means for our district. Each individual felt the weight of their responsibilities and we felt joy at knowing we were passing the leadership to them. Here is a picture of all of them that were called and trained.
Primary in Osizweni was challenging because we had nursery, primary, YM & YW altogether. Here is a picture of all of the youth that were in attendance at the meeting last Sunday. Next week we will meet in the civil community hall and have soooo much more room. We will then have a youth class for all the twelve to eighteen year olds.

Notice the way that the young men are working directly with the kids without being asked. We are so proud of them and all that they are doing. We have a twelve year old young man that leads the singing in Sacrament Meeting. He is so special. Cute as can be and has such and engaging smile as he leads. We have special feelings for all these youth.

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