Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is what it looks like in Lesotho. Notice the child on the donkey. He is wrapped in a blanket (much more common to see than the coats the other two children are wearing. Donkeys are used for transportation or are used to pull a cart (usually the trailer of a pickup). Oxen are also used to pull a cart. This is a sand stone quarry that we passed. There are two women washing their clothes in the stream in the distance and there are some cattle moving up the stream. The people are always neatly dressed (especially the women) and the women almost always wear dresses.
This is the sand stone quarry called the Lesotho Stone. They are chiseled out of the quarry by hand and shaped by workers at the site and hauled to the company site to be sold. Barbara is standing with two other senior missionaries by where we stopped to take the pictures.

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