Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dundee Baptism October 11, 2009

Last week we had a meeting of the Mission Presidency just prior to the arrival of 16 new missionaries from the Johannesburg MTC. This transfer changed someone in every companionship in our zone except one. We how have about 25% of the mission as new missionaries straight from the MTC so many of the missionaries are training new companions. We feel like we have lost members of our family as the elders that we have grown very close to us are transferred or go home and new missionaries arrive but we grow to love them and still miss those that leave.

Today we had a meeting in Ladysmith for the District Presidency and we attended Church there prior to leaving for Dundee to attend Church there as well. We needed to handle temple recommend interviews for some people in Ladysmith as well.

We arrived a little late for the start of the Sacrament Meeting in Dundee because the District President was riding with us and needed to talk with some people before he could leave Ladysmith. We drove faster than normal (translate this to the speed limit plus) to Dundee and they were singing the opening song when we arrived. All of the seats were taken so we had to set up more chairs in order to be able to sit down. Later during the meeting we counted and there were between 79 and 81 people in attendance. This is quite a change from about 14 that were attending when we first went to Dundee about 4 months ago. Some of the young men that were baptized last month were passing the sacrament and many bore their testimonies. Right after Church we went over to the place where we rent for the baptisms. There were 14 people baptized today.

This picture shows a remarkable man that was baptized today. He has been attending Church for a number of months but he only speaks Zulu. Church is conducted in English and he can't understand any English. When he was asked why he attended, he said (in Zulu) because I feel something inside when I am here. He has attended regularly from the time of his first visit. He was taught by one of the people investigating the Church translating for him into Zulu. This is only part of a very remarkable experience. What a humble and nice man with a giant spirit. He is always smiling. Elder Zeeman is the missionary beside him.

This is the facility that we rent to hold the baptisms. It was raining lightly a few minutes prior to the baptism so we moved into the covered area but the sun came out and we moved outside.

Here is a picture of those that were being baptized along with the three elders that performed the baptisms.
These are the three happy elders that performed the baptisms, Elders Zeeman, Levois and Holmes. They are all from the Johannesburg area and they are excellent missionaries.

We have a great love and appreciation for all our Elders. It is amazing the strong feelings that we have for these wonderful Dundee Saints. Guess you could say our hearts are full.

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  1. It's so great to read about your experiences! What a wonderful opportunity to watch the work of the Lord. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing!