Friday, August 14, 2009

St Lucia – Hippocampus, Crocodiles, Rhino, and Impalas

This is a beautiful cottage with a thatched roof that we saw in St Lucia. We loved it and couldn't resist taking a picture.
While in St Lucia we stayed at the Avalon Guest Manor. The following is their web site if you would like to see what it looks like: We took a walk in the evening and it was getting dark when we came to this warning sign. That was enough to make us turn around and go back. We returned the next morning to get this picture. There were hippos in the background but you can barely see them in this picture.

This is how close you can get to the wildlife in the reserve. Sometimes it is much closer than you would like but for these Impalas it was great to see them. This is the favorite food for the lions.

This rhino was very close and he was huge. We were lucky to get this close and have such a good picture. What an interesting animal...but we didn't want to get any closer than about 50 yards and we stayed in the car.

We decided not to swim here.

We went to beautiful St Lucia with three other senior couples and enjoyed their company and the wildlife. We took a Hippo and Croc boat tour and were able to see these animal from the water side and get much better pictures. We went into a nearby game preserve and saw many other animals and have just selected a few pictures for you to see.

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  1. I think you're smart to stay in the car- altho in my younger years I would have wanted to get Up Close and Personal! Thanks for sharing these great shots-stay safe and remember we love and think of you!