Monday, June 29, 2009

Namtibi Reserve - June 29, 2009

You all recognize this as a giraff. It was all by itself eating on an Acadia tree

We found this family of Rhinos (5 in all). In this picture three are in the water and one is on the shore. You can only see the tops of the heads of the rhino that are in the water just above the back on the one on the shore.

We found some Zebra and a stray Wildebeest (a young male that had left the herd but wasn't yet strong enough to stake out a territory.

Here are some Wildebeest that we saw. They migrate from place to place and the dominant male marks his territory but the herd moves from territory to territory.

We saw some Water Buffalo by the side of the road. Notice the thorns on the Acadia Tree that the Water Buffalo is eating under. The thorns get to be about 3 inches long and they are very sharp but they don't seem to bother the Water Buffalo.

Here are some of the Heart antelope (I believe that was their name) because of the shape of their horns.

Here is the vehicle that we were in during the ride through the Namtibi Reserve to give you a view of what it was like.

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  1. Wow, you guys look great. What a wonderful experience you are having and it's only beginning. Stay safe and keep in touch.
    Hugs and kiss/kiss, The Malmroses