Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Count Down to Mission

The following will be a listing of our final special happenings before leaving for South Africa:

  • The "SHED" was built for storage and a future "guest house" for Grandchildren. March 5.

    • Empty Nesters Family Home Evening with emphasis on Aftrican Food - April 13th.
    • Billie comes to visit. April 14th - April 22nd
    • Village Theatre with Call's and Malmrose's staying over night. April 24th
    • Bar-B-Que with Dad's Simpson Information Systems Department. April 25th.
    • Dad's Retirement Luncheon at the Lobester Shop in Tacoma. April 28th.

    • Trip to Spencer & Sher's for Summer's Baptism and Farewell to Tyler, Sierra, Summer, Gavin and Trent. May 1st - May 4th.

    • Erika and Jared visit and help with loading the shed. May 7th - May 11th

    • Kylee and Caden arrive to steal the Camry. May 12th Happy Birthday Penny

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